We are thrilled to announce our successful participation at the prestigious SEMICON Southeast Asia 2023 exhibition held in Malaysia. Together with our esteemed Malaysian distributor, Prosdata, we showcased our industry-leading flow measurement solutions, including our variable area flow meters, the AxelSense paddlewheel flow meter, and our latest innovation– the EchoSense QuickClamp ultrasonic flow meter.

2023年,LORRIC参加了在马来西亚举办的著名SEMICON展览会。与我们尊贵的马来西亚经销商Prosdata一起,展示了我们领先业界的流量测量解决方案,包括我们的面积式流量计、AxelSense蹼轮流量计(叶轮流量计、桨轮流量计),以及我们最新的创新产品-EchoSense 快易扣夹管式超音波流量计 (超声波流量计)。

Partnering with Prosdata, our dedicated distributor in Malaysia, we captured the attention of industry professionals and visitors throughout the event. Our booth served as a platform to demonstrate the exceptional capabilities, reliability, and versatility of our flow measurement product range.
Among our showcased products, the EchoSense QuickClamp ultrasonic flow meter garnered significant interest. Its user-friendly design and high-quality material impressed attendees, who recognized its potential to optimize processes and enhance overall efficiency in various industries. 
在马来西亚专业分销商 Prosdata 的协助下,我们在展览中成功吸引了众多业界专业人士和参观者的目光。我们的展位充分展现了流量测量产品系列的卓越性能、可靠性和丰富的多样性。
其中,EchoSense QuickClamp 超声波流量计尤为引人注目。其人性化的设计和高品质的材质让参会者印象深刻,也让他们意识到这款产品在各行各业中优化流程、提升整体效率的潜力。